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Our Portfolio

The following provides some examples of the companies that we have worked with and the applications that we have developed:


MEDUSA is a bespoke engineering management system that was developed for the Royal Air Force Medical Services in 1995. At the height of its utilization, it was used by the Defence Support Organisation, formerly Army Based Repair Organisation (ABRO) and the Royal Air Force to manage the maintenance activities of over 23,000 medical and dental equipments in hospitals, ships and health care units within the UK and British overseas military establishments.

To cope with the ever changing requirements, MEDUSA has undergone many revisions since its inception but its fitness for purpose, ease of use and reliability resulted in its continual use within the military environment for over 20 years.

Having had some supplementary features added in 2016 which extended its capabilities, MEDUSA is now being used as a commercial engineering management system. The success of MEDUSA in this environment has inspired Poseidon Software Solutions to remodel it as a web-based application and it is anticipated this work will commence in 2021.


NARCH is the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists. Their website, which was re-designed by Poseidon Software Solutions Ltd in 2016, provides the public and veterinary professionals with advice and guidance on canine hydrotherapy. It also provides a facility for visitors to search the NARCH Register for a Canine Hydrotherapist or Canine Hydrotherapy Centre by name or location.

Beneath the public facing element of this site are portals that allow the Canine Hydrotherapists and managers of Hydrotherapy Centres to control the profiles that are displayed to the public. It also provides a suite of managerial information to the NARCH Administrators that assists them to ensure the Canine Hydrotherapists maintain their registration conditions. NARCH Website


THOOSA is a management aid designed to identify staff training needs within the work environment and allow for the strategic planning of training.

The system was originally developed as a desktop application for use within the Royal Air Force, Medical & Dental Equipment Maintenance Department to ensure that engineering technicians were appropriately trained. However, the design is such that the product could readily be used wherever completion of training courses is essential.

The benefits of Thoosa include:

  • Assessing the training impact or skills shortfall when a member of staff leaves.
  • Providing a two year forecast of when your competencies will need to be reviewed.
  • Assembling teams that will meet all the competencies required for a project.
  • Providing email notifications when competencies require to be renewed.
  • Cutting costs by optimising your training.

Thoosa has now been successfully trialled at a number of locations and the feedback was so positive that we decided to take on extra staff, and commence development of Thoosa Two, which is a fully web-based variant with additional functionality.

Although we originally anticipated this would be ready for release in June 2020, unfortunately, there will be a slight delay in our release date. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this may have caused and anticipate that Thoosa Two will now be released by the end of September 2020.

For more information, please visit the Thoosa Website