Poseidon Software Solutions Ltd.

Making your data work for you

Who Are We?

Nige Pinkney

Nige Pinkney BSc (Hons) MBCS

Previously Nige had been a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force with over 37 years of engineering experience, principally in the specialist field of medical engineering. Having gained a First Class Honours Degree from ARU in Information Systems, he retired from the Royal Air Force in 2015 and decided to focus his efforts on developing Poseidon Software Solutions Ltd. Nigel specialises in system design and software application development.

Chris Jakeman

Chris Jakeman MA (Cantab) PGCE MBCS

Educated as an engineer at Cambridge University, Chris focussed on software, managing a £1.2m project in real-time scheduling and later head-hunted by a spin-off company from Imperial College to build an optimal scheduling product. This was followed by a teaching career at University Centre Peterborough where he led the computing degrees and continues to lecture in AI and database. He is now a consultant for bespoke software projects.

About the Company

Poseidon Software Solutions Ltd. was initially established to formalize the software support that was being provided to the MoD for a medical engineering management system called MEDUSA that was developed in 1997. Since retiring from the RAF in 2015, Nigel decided to join forces with a local, well-established, software development company called Tiny IT with the aim of developing bespoke database applications for the web, cloud or desktop computers. These companies remain independent but collaborate to provide mutual support for most of the projects that they undertake. This allows us to use our combined skills base and keep costs to the minimum by only engaging specialist assistance, such as graphic designers when required.